"Art therapy is the deliberate use of art-making to address psychological and emotional needs. Art therapy uses art media and the creative process to help in areas such as, but not limited to: fostering self-expression, enhancing coping skills, managing stress, and strengthening a sense of self."

--The Art Therapy Alliance



"Art Therapy is about using art as a tool for communication and through the therapeutic relationship, emotional, psychosocial and developmental needs are addressed with the intention of effecting lasting change."

--Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists (HKAAT)

Art Therapy Links and Resources

IATO has one of the largest collection of art therapy links to websites and resources leading to information on art therapy, therapeutic artmaking, and art for health, well-being, and social transformation from around the world. Learn more about art therapy and mental health, trauma, autism, education, addictions, disaster relief, medical illness, Alzheimer's disease, and other topics.

Check this page for future information on IATO Affiliate Groups [under construction] for news and information on international programs, agencies, institutions, and initiatives on art therapy, therapeutic artmaking, and art for health and social transformation. The Members Only Page provides access to additional information and downloadable publications on popular topics such as trauma intervention, disaster relief, autism, psychoeducational and developmental issues, cancer treatment, mental health, wellness, creativity, and more [see menu below].

Art Therapy Films Page

Be sure to check out the Films Page for a variety of films on art therapy, therapeutic art making, and art for health and social transformation.

What is Art Therapy?

Did you ever wish you had a description of "what is art therapy" to give to colleagues who ask you about the field? Go to this page or download this two-page, color monograph that contains common definitions from a variety of sources on art therapy and why art making is important as a form of therapy. You will need Adobe Reader in order to open this document; you can find a free download of Adobe Reader at

Art Therapy Schools and Education

Visit this page for some basic information, links, and resources about art therapy education and how to search for a college or university.

Art Therapy Groups, Associations, and Organizations

Visit this page for a growing list of art therapy groups, associations, and organizations around the world. Let us know if you have a group that should be included!

About Art Therapy and...

We know you want to know more about how art therapy and the creative process of art making is used in healthcare, community, mental health, educational, and other settings. Check back frequently to read the latest information via these subject headings as the pages go "live" and as our website continues to grow! We welcome and thank you for your contributions to information on these pages, too!

Medical Settings. Read more about how art therapy and art is used in medical settings at this page; see a film on art therapy with hospitalized children, too.

Disaster Relief. Links to information on national and international sites and articles on disaster relief.

Trauma Intervention. Brief articles and links to methods and research in the field of trauma, with a focus on art therapy as an important form of intervention for children.

Trauma Intervention with Military and Veterans. Learn more about how art therapy is being used to help military and their families, and veterans with posttraumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and other challenges.

Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Learn more about this growing area of art therapy and how art is being used in the treatment of autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and spectrum disorders.

Mental Health. Visit this page for information about art therapy and mental health, art and recovery, relevant links and websites, and the latest research in the field.

Addictions. Find links to information on addictions and recovery as well as information on the use of art therapy in addictions work.

Psychoeducational Settings. Interested in the psychoeducational applications of art therapy in schools and educational settings? Learn more about it on this page.

Neuroscience. Developments in brain research continue to support why "art helps" and why art therapy is an effective method of intervention. Learn more about the latest research here and find links to information and sites to help you understand "how the brain works."

Neurogenerative Disorders. Learn more about art therapy and older adults and research on neurogenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia on this page.

Media and Materials. Visit this page for information on media and materials used in art therapy, therapeutic artmaking, and art for health and social transformation. Learn more about art materials and digital media's impact on practice and methods.

Creativity and Wellness. Just how does creative expression help? Find out more here, read about creativity and health, and other related topics. Visit some interesting [and fun] websites on creativity, too.

Domestic and Societal Violence. Art therapy has been used with children and adults who have experienced domestic violence, school violence, and neighborhood violence; find out more about it here.

Creativity and Aging. Art enhances living and it does it throughout the lifespan. Find out more about creativity, aging, and human potental here.

Art and Social Transformation. Art changes lives and communities in many ways around the world, each and every day. Read more about it here and about programs that are making a difference in people's lives.

Have a topic you would like to suggest? Have some information that you think should be posted? Send it to us and we'll see what we can do!



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