"Art therapy is the deliberate use of art-making to address psychological and emotional needs. Art therapy uses art media and the creative process to help in areas such as, but not limited to: fostering self-expression, enhancing coping skills, managing stress, and strengthening a sense of self."

--The Art Therapy Alliance



"We use the creative art process to facilitate personal well-being."

--Northern Ireland Group for Art as Therapy (NIGAT)


International Art Therapy Websites

Bookmark this page for resources and links to groups around the world who have a passion for art therapy, therapeutic artmaking, and art for health, well-being, and social transformation. If you know of an international art therapy organization that should be listed, please send the name of the group, contact information, and website link to us via email at the link on the bottom of this page.

Check this page and the PARTNERS web page for news and information on international programs, agencies, institutions, and initiatives on art therapy, therapeutic artmaking, and art for health and social transformation.

Art Therapy Groups on LinkedIn

The Art Therapy Alliance. The Art Therapy Alliance is an on-line professional group created by Gretchen Miller, ATR-BC, for art therapists on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a web-based, business-oriented site mainly used for professional and social networking for finding jobs, people, business opportunities and making friends in your field of interest. The Alliance site features information about the field of art therapy, news about the healing power of art, and the work of art therapists. You can join LinkedIn for free and can participate in discussion groups, post news, and share links to websites and information of interest. Art Therapy Alliance also has a fan page on Facebook.

Art Therapy India. Created by Sangeeta Prasad, this group on LinkedIn helps art therapists and others interested in art as a form of therapy to network and become aware of the developments in art therapy in India and other countries. Members can share information on where they work, how they work and the population they are working with. Through this form members can help establish the field of art therapy and art education in India.

Creative Arts Therapy in Latin America/ Terapias Creativas en Latino América. This networking group created by Trini Selman on LinkedIn is for creative arts therapists around the world and others interested in the arts as a form of therapy. The idea is to promote networking and to gain awareness of the development of the creative arts therapies in Latin America and Spain. You can share your experiences and interests. You can contact someone that may help you start a program somewhere in Latin America. You can exchange information. Or you can just be curious.

International Art Therapy Organization on LinkedIn. If you are a member of the Art Therapy Alliance, you will also be able to join the International Art Therapy Organization on LinkedIn. You can post discussions, announce events, and make professional connections with art therapists and like-minded individuals around the world.

International Art Therapy Research Collaborative. This group is an international think-tank to promote and develop research collaborations around the world. Go to International Art Therapy Research Collaborative to join in the discussion, news, and updates. Visit the Research Page on this site for more information and read more about current research projects and collaborations.

General Interest Groups on LinkedIn

Digital Art Therapy. If you are a member of the Art Therapy Alliance, you will also be able to join the Digital Art Therapy Group on LinkedIn. Join the exciting dialogue about digital technology and art therapy with moderator Ginger Poole.

Medical Art Therapy. If you are a member of the Art Therapy Alliane, you will be able to join the Medical Art Therapy Group on LinkedIn. Join the dialogue and learn more about medical art therapy from experts in the profession with moderator Rachel Schreibman.

Trauma and Loss. Trauma and Loss is a sub-group of The Art Therapy Alliance for art therapists to dialogue, share ideas and resources related to art therapy, trauma, and loss issues. This group is moderated by Aimee Loth Rozum, LMHC, ATR-BC. If you are already a member of the Art Therapy Alliance and this topic interests you, please join it!

Learn about art therapy with Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, and other neurodegenerative disorders. Join the Art Therapy Alliance LinkedIn group: Art Therapy & Older Adults with Neurodegenerative Disorders. It provides a forum for the open exchange of ideas, therapeutic protocols, articles, resources, news, and information relating to the older adult population. Anyone interested in or currently working with older adults using art therapy is welcome to join in discussions or post questions.

The manager of this group, Amanda Alders is currently pursuing a PhD, specializing in Art Therapy at FSU in Tallahassee, FL and will be adding and responding to discussions every other Friday.

Description of this networking group: "Older adults are considered a “vulnerable” population with specific needs and a wide range of behavioral tendencies. Collaboration among therapists may serve to provide a strong footing for providing high quality care to a rapidly growing segment of the world population. For this reason, by participating in group discussions, therapists will be able to share insight into the approaches that they find most effective and person centered. This group will encourage discussions on culturally diverse segments of the elderly population as well as theories associated with neuroplasticity, learning, motivation, and creativity."

Independent Art Therapy Practice. If you are engaged in a private practice, work independently, or are looking for advice on funding and establishing an independent practice, this is the online discussion group for you. Independent Practice is hosted by a variety of experts in the field of art therapy who have had extensive experience in the field. Visit Art Therapy Alliance to join today!

Positive/Happiness Art Therapy Group on LinkedIn. Positive/Happiness Art Therapy Group is an interest group that integrate creativity, art therapy and positive psychology into practice. It is based on the belief on prevention is better than cure. Paul Lee Thiam Seng is your international host!

Embedded video from CNN Video

For Spanish International Art Therapy Organization Members-- El Arte es Terapia on CNN! Click film to enter full screen.

"Art Therapy is about using art as a tool for communication and through the therapeutic relationship, emotional, psychosocial and developmental needs are addressed with the intention of effecting lasting change."

--Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists (HKAAT)


International Art Therapy Organizations and Associations

The following list was generously compiled by Gretchen Miller, Art Therapy Alliance, with additions by Cathy Malchiodi and Trini Selman.

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA).The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association supports artists, educators, consultants and therapists using multi-modal expressive arts processes for personal and community transformation. They work to increase recognition and use of expressive arts as a powerful tool for psychological, physical and spiritual wellness.

International Association for Art, Creativity and Therapy (IAACT). International Association for Art, Creativity and Therapy promotes the relationship and cooperation between artists, doctors, art-therapists, psychotherapists and other persons involved in therapeutic professions, especially those connected with rehabilitation, preventative medicine and health education.

International Society for the Psychopathology of Expression & Art Therapy (SIPE). The aims of the Society are to establish and maintain links between the various specialists interested in the relationships between expression, creation and art and current national and international research in the field of psychiatry and art-therapy, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology.

The European Consortium for Arts Therapies (ECArTE). ECArTE is a consortium of Universities. Its primary purpose is to represent and encourage the development of the Arts Therapies at a European level, in particular the courses offering nationally validated and professionally recognised training for arts therapists. (The arts therapies include art therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy and music therapy).

Australian Creative Arts Therapies Website. The Australian Creative Arts Therapy Association (ACATA) is a national, non-profit organisation that maintains professional standards for the practise of creative arts therapy. ACATA provides professional representation, support and communication networks for its members. ACATA aims to forge links between creative arts therapists and the broader community.

Canada. See Canadian Art Therapy Association, Association of Art Therapists of Québec (AATQ), Ontario Art Therapy Association (OATA), and British Columbia Art Therapy Association (BCATA.)

Australia and New Zealand. Australian and New Zealand National Art Therapy Association (ANZATA)

Latin America/ South America. Chilean Art Therapy Association, and Argentina Art Therapy Association, and three associations in Brazil:, Sao Paulo: and Rio Grande do Sul:

United Kingdom. British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT)

Italy. Art Therapy Italiana Association

Spain: La ATe

Ireland. Northern Ireland Group for Art as Therapy (NIGAT)

Germany. Germany Association of Art Therapy

Sweden. The Swedish National Association for Art Therapists (SBRT)

Israel. The Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Therapies (ICET)

Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists (HKAAT)

Taiwan. The Taiwan Art Therapy Association

Do you know of a good resource to include? Send the link to [email protected]!

Please note: We worked hard to get this information together and we love it when you visit us. But if you wish to use this information for your organizations' website, it is very bad karma to copy this information and publish it on your site without referencing the source. Put a link on your site to International Art Therapy Organization to this page or clearly reference the authors and this site. Or use the SHARE ON FACEBOOK feature below and spread the word to your friends and colleagues.



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