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There's a "fusion" going on!  In cooking, it's a style of blending ingredients and techniques from different cultures; in music, it's a blend of jazz and the repetitive rhythms of rock; and in life, it's the result of creative mixing of ideas, qualities, and perspectives. In all cases, it includes a release of energy and the birth of something new. It’s time for FUSION, an e-zine especially for "Planet Art Therapy" inspired by members and work of the Art Therapy Alliance and International Art Therapy Organization [IATO], and asource for news, stories, and the art therapy community worldwide!

Find the current and past issues of FUSION here; read the highlights of recent issues and download PDF versions below.

FUSION, Volume 2, # 1, January 2010

In this issue:

NEW! Features Section with leading edge articles and commentaries, including "The American Media vs. Art Therapy: Art “Terror-py?” by Liz Beck; "Shock Value: You won’t want to see me"! by Michael Maloney: "Video-Making in Art Therapy--- The Range of Possibilities" by Amanda Alders; and more.

"Thanksgiving in Palestine" by art therapist and international traveler Rebekah Chilcote.

"Tanzania: Art in a Women's World" by Raja Aossey

Learn more about the event "Deconstruction to Creation and Healing through Fiber, Pulp and Paper: Combat Paper Project" by Gretchen Miller.

Learn to make altered books with Jenny Navarro in this issue's "Create Corner."

The latest news and updates from International Art Therapy Organization and Art Therapy Alliance, links to member websites, announcements, events, information about our partners, and discussion groups. Read about IATO's current international initiatives, members, and 2000th member milestone!

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Watch this movie by Gretchen Miller, ATR-BC, to learn more about the current issue of FUSION

FUSION, Volume I, # 1, October 2009

In this issue:

International Child Art Foundation and International Art Therapy Organization Partnering on Two Exciting Initiatives. Read about the International Child Art Foundation's work, mission, and initiatives and get involved in two special collaborations with ICAF and IATO.

Greetings from the North Carolina Art Therapy Institute, art therapists who are excited to tell you about their work with refugee children from Burma in North Carolina, USA. Art therapy groups began last January in Chapel Hill High School’s Newcomer Center for newly arrived student refugees, with grades k-2 in an elementary school in Chapel Hill and with the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants in Raleigh. They are expanding their work this year and will be offering individual art therapy sessions to students and also be working with their families.

Join one or more [or all] of the Art Therapy Alliance discussion and special interest groups on LinkedIn. Are you interested in medical art therapy? Or maybe opening a private or independent practice or studio program? Do you need answers for your work with people who are experiencing trauma or loss, older adults, or art therapy research? Join the global community of talented experts, professionals, and students and participate and contribute to the dialogue!

And there is more in this issue, including: Combat Paper Project; Freedom to Create, an Exhibition in Uganda with Andrew Briggs; Mad to Live, an art therapy initiative for suicide prevention; member blogs and website links; and....

Get Creative! A Tip Sheet on How to Make Altered Domino Pins. Learn a new technique and look for Art Therapy Alliance-IATO creations for sale at a conference near you and through the IATO Store [coming soon].

Download FUSION Volume 1, #1 here.



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International Art Therapy Organization Members...Making a Difference!

One world, many, many visions...and so many stories about people who believe in the potential of art to change lives.

Join International Art Therapy Organizationand let us know your story for a future issue of FUSION!

"An Awakening," Polyvore art by C. Malchiodi for ART PEACE SUSTAINABILITY Global Event



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