International Art Therapy Organization: Who We Are

One world, many visions…working together to create an inclusive and sustainable future for art therapy.

IATO’s Mission

  • Establish a global community for education, communication, and exchange of information on art therapy, therapeutic art making, and art for health and social transformation;
  • Promote global understanding of art therapy through dissemination of leading edge news and development of media, online education, archives, and publications for its members and the public;
  • Encourage public recognition of how art therapy makes a difference through development of opportunities to serve to others in need, enhance health, and transform lives;
  • Advance collaborative research and program development among its members and affiliate groups.

IATO’s Vision and Values

One World: Art therapy, therapeutic art making, and art for health and social transformation cross borders, whether the borders are cultural, political, or personal. We believe in the universal potential of art to enhance and improve lives, of the creative process to effect positive change, and of image making to tell people’s stories when words are not enough.

Many Visions: There are many visions for how art changes lives and the potential of the creative process to restore and repair. We believe in the inherent diversity in how people use art making as a health-giving, transformative practice and the many perspectives that guide this belief.

Working Together: We’re all in this together. We believe that opportunities that encourage networking and collaboration, rather than hierarchy or chain of command, allow everyone to make a difference, have a voice, and contribute in a meaningful way.

Inclusive: Inclusive communities create, build, grow, and sustain vision. We believe in the spirit of an inclusive community and its power to make a real difference.

Sustainable: Rather than reinvent the wheel, we use existing technologies when possible to provide forums, discussion boards, distance learning, communication, and social networking to maintain a sustainable, low-cost organization. We also believe that art can make a real difference in the sustainability of our planet through service to others, enhancing health, and transforming the lives of people around the world.

Find out more about the people involved in the International Art Therapy Organization here. Meet our Advisory Board and Global Ambassadors!


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